Door to door Rural Express Pet Transport ...

Petcabs offer services like no other, providing transportation for your pets (and you) to most regional destinations safely & securely.
All regional transports are made direct to and from requested destinations, door to door, unless otherwise advised.
If you use our pet transport service to transport your dog, cat, puppy, kitten, bird, rabbit or other creature from a distant (not listed) regional address and deliver them to direct to you, you will need to pay for the additional Km’s ‘to and from’ pick-up and delivery addresses.

While we always offer a fair price for our services, we will match any genuine competitors offer.
Click on the pdf  below for full Regional destination pricing;

Petcabs Towns, Travel Times and Fees.pdf

How much does it cost?

There may be many in Victoria (or anywhere else for that matter) offering pet transport services with little or any qualified experience. Petcabs have been around for over 40 years and our combined experience spans well in to 75 years and, we are still the most copied service in the world.

Below is an example on how we price our Regional/Rural transports.
Melbourne suburban fees are priced differently to take in time, traffic, and tolls. All fees are calculated from the city of Melbourne.

You need to transport your pet from a Rural address to your home suburb;
First Google the Km’s from Melbourne to the Rural address for pick-up or delivery of pet, then Google the additional Km’s from Melbourne to Home suburb.

Melbourne to Wangaratta is 255 km’s @ $1.65 per km =   $450.00.

Melbourne to Home Suburb is 15 km’s @ $2.40 per km = $36.00.

Total Fee:            $486.00

Email all details of pick-up and delivery addresses plus names and contact details with date and time transport required to;               telephone:  1300 888 633



Airport Transfer Offer
  • Door to door service for owners and their pets, or pets alone
  • To and from homes, apartments and workplaces
  • To and from veterinary clinics, hospitals and grooming salons
  • To and from specialist veterinary and emergency centres
  • To and from Boarding Kennels and catteries
  • To and from Pet Motels and Pet sitters
  • To and from Weddings, Birthdays and other important occasions
  • Boarding kennels and cattery pick-up and deliveries
  • To and from airports, shipping ports, railways and apartments
  • To and from film locations and advertising events
  • To and from weddings and other special events
  • Metropolitan deliveries to rural areas

We do not use little vans or trailers to carry your pets.

Please be informed that taxis and hire cars in Australia are not allowed to carry animals in the passenger area of a vehicle. Guide Dogs, Working dogs and Assistance dogs (with authorised identification card) are the exceptions.

These regulations are in place to protect against the possible spread of disease (zoonotic or other) plus unwanted items that may be left behind by frightened pets.

A CTA phone.

For pet-friendly service, call 1300 888 633

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