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We offer the only licensed professional pet friendly taxi transport service for you and pets to and from destinations as requested. We also transport pets alone in your absence.

Petcabs offer flexible door to door, pet transport services in specialised airconditioned vehicles throughout Melbourne and Suburbs and to regional areas within Victoria. 
Whether it is a trip to the airport, vet or your pets favourite boarding establishment, we will pick you and your pet up at your designated address and take you to your destination, wait for you then return you home.
We will provide specialised individual services to meet your exacting needs if you like. Just call or email our service team and discuss your options. 

To put your mind at ease here is a sample of what we do;  Exclusive pick-up and drop-off service to and from veterinary hospitals, clinics, private homes, apartments, businesses, airport pick-up and drop-offs, to and from ports, trains, boarding kennels, catteries, pet motels, grooming parlours, film sets, TV studios, photo- shoots, quarantine holding facilities and much more. 
We also pick-up and deliver pets to weddings, birthdays and other significant events without fuss or bother... 
Plus this;
When travelling to the Airport we make easy for you by picking you and your pet up, plus luggage, at your  address at a designated time.
We then deliver you first to the airlines freight section to lodge your pet, we then wait while you lodge your pet and then take you on to the departures area for boarding your flight...
We do the same only in reverse for incoming travellers with pets also.

We just make it easy for you, all for the one basic price shown below;

City and surrounds to or from Airport (includes tolls): $125.00.

1300 888 633
Excess luggage will require the use of additional resourse at your cost:
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