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When booking your Petcabs on 1300 888 633 it is  
a good idea to tell us the important things about your pet that
will assist in a more enjoyable trip for all concerned:

  • Is your pet friendly?
  • Is your pet used to travelling?
  • Do you, or they get car sick?
  • Does your pet require a lead or cat cage?
  • Does your pet have any special requirements?
  • Are you, or is anyone else travelling with your pet?
  • Are there any petís personal items to travel with the pet?
  • Are all medications and vaccinations certificates up to
    date and available to accompany your pet if being transported to boarding kennels? 
  • Does your pet understand English commands?
  • Are there any other special requirements we should know?
  • Is your pet friendly to others?
  • Smaller friendly pets may travel in rear with owner.

It is always advisable to have your pets vet-checked if they are going to boarding kennels and or travelling interstate. 

Please Note: 
After hours, weekends and public holiday telephone calls are re-directed to a monitored answering machine/service. 

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