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 petcabs@netspace.net.auIf you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us. We would like to hear from you. 
Our booking service team can customise a service to suit your particular preferences and timeframe.

Our services include;

  • supply of Petcabs Pet Taxi services
  • provision of personal experience and service.
  • transfers to and from your designated addresses.
  • complimentary travel for up to 4 persons with pets.
  • supply travel basket for felines for the journey.
  • speciality service for and during wedding’s and other  special events.
Booking is as easy telephoning directly to discuss your transport needs and any other matters you might like to chat about or send an email.
(just click on the email address below).
Petcabs bookings are received at our Office in Melbourne Victoria and vehicles are dispatched to all area's.

Email and postal details are shown below;   

Phone:      1300 888 633

Fax:                       03 9793 8133

Email:                   petcabs@netspace.net.au

Mail address:       P.O.Box 65 Balaclava Victoria 3183

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